Work on the Coastside

Mission, Vision, & Core Values


To advocate, inform, and support the Coastside business community through leadership and the power of collaboration and inclusion.


The Half Moon Bay Coastside from Montara to Pescadero has a strong network of diverse, growing businesses that together provide sustainable prosperity for the entire community.


BE COLLABORATIVE Approach everything with a “we over me” mentality.

BE PASSIONATE Care deeply about the success of our members.

BE ADAPTIVE Be ready to change or chart new pathways to best serve our members.

BE A PROBLEM SOLVER Dive into issues to help find workable solutions.


ADVOCACY & LEGISLATION Review legislation and work with local policymakers on bills and ordinances that support economic recovery and Coastside business development.

EFFECTIVE COMMITTEES Work with our members to revitalize our committees to develop and strengthen our projects, events, and services to best fit the business community’s needs.

ECONOMIC STIMULUS Increase the impactfulness of our community events and programs to support economic recovery.

FINANCIAL STABILITY Work with members to increase the meaningfulness of our events and programs for mutually beneficial revenue generation.

EDUCATION & PROGRAMMING Create a business development series of workshops and seminars to bring tools, skills, and knowledge to Coastside businesses of all types.

DYNAMIC TEAM The Chamber strives to hire an Economic Development professional to support identified projects that will help the Coastside business community thrive.

OUTBOUND MARKETING Refresh the ‘Shop Local’ campaign to help the business community connect with locals and promote economic vitality that is less reliant on tourism.

BRANDING Create a stronger sense of inclusion by rebranding and refocusing the Chamber to align with the needs of the entire Coastside business community.

Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce

Coastside Chamber
Located inside the Opportunity Center
637 Main St.
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

(650) 726-8380
[email protected]

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