Working on the Coastside

City of HMB | Community Town Hall – July 10th

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The City of Half Moon Bay is continually working to maintain our community’s quality of life and provide essential local services. Like many cities in the Bay Area and across California, we are facing rising costs of delivering services, as well as increasing expenses to maintain or replace aging infrastructure.  

To best address these significant challenges, we need your involvement and thoughtful feedback on the City’s priorities. Please join us at this Community Town Hall to learn more and offer your input: 

Wednesday, July 10, 2024 

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. 

Ted Adcock Community Center, 535 Kelly Avenue 

You are also invited to visit our Maintaining Half Moon Bay City Services web page where you can learn more, and complete the online priorities survey you’ll find there. 

The City has already been applying several strategies to manage our budget, including producing a comprehensive cost and fee study, scaling back expenditures, and exploring revenue enhancements. At the same time, the City’s costs – including public safety, operations, infrastructure, maintaining the City’s streets, trails, and coastline, and more – have led to a persistent deficit in the City’s General Fund. 

We’re asking community members to think about and give feedback on how they prioritize City services, which will help guide critical decision making. 

Please plan on attending the Community Town Hall on July 10, and be sure to fill out the survey online. By working together, we have the best opportunity to make the most effective decisions today, for our community’s future.