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OCC | Renaissance | Series: Business Websites 101



Session 1 – Considerations for Your Website
Effective pre-planning is key to a successful website build or refresh. In this session, you will learn what things you should consider, like which platform to use and what content you’ll need, and how to rate those considerations to ensure what’s most important to you and your potential clients is rising to the top.
Homework: Create your sitemap/outline for your website with notes about what section and page should have on it.
Session 2 – From Sitemap to Website Frame
Once you have a plan, you can take action. In this session, you will begin the foundational steps of your basic website. You will learn the tools to choose a theme, add pages, and fill them with stuff! For the sake of this session, we will be learning on WordPress; however, if a different platform is more suitable for you, like Shopify or Square, the basics are similar on each platform.
Homework: Turn your sitemap into your website frame and begin adding your content.
Session 3 – Workshopping Your Website
With your foundations started, this session will be dedicated to questions and answers related to your individual builds. The instructor will be available to work with each participant for one-on-one help overcoming any obstacles you may have bumped up against while adding content to your website.


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