Working on the Coastside

MCC | Regular Meeting Agenda – July 10th

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Agenda for July 10, 2024 Regular Meeting, 7:00pm
This meeting of the Midcoast Community Council will be held in Hybrid format by both teleconference and at
Granada Community Services District, 504 Avenue Alhambra, 3rd Floor, El Granada, CA. The public is
requested to participate in the meeting remotely via the Zoom platform with this link:
CALL IN PHONE NUMBER: +1-669-900-9128 Meeting ID 859 6879 4983, Password: 925217
Call to Order (7:00pm) – Council member roll call

  1. (7:05) Board of Supervisors’ Report and Reports from other Government Officials
  2. (7:20) Council Follow-up Reports
    a. Montara Mountain
    b. Health Care on the Coast
  3. (7:35) Public Comment & Announcements (Members of the public may speak up to 3
    minutes on any MCC-related topic on the Consent agenda or NOT on the Regular agenda.)
  4. (7:50) Consent Agenda (No discussion, unless requested to be moved for discussion.)
    a. Approve minutes from 6/12/24
    b. Election resolution (resolution to be submitted as both a physical copy and pdf)
    c. County funding agreement formalizing MCC funding process
    d. Letter supporting the Harbor District erosion grant application
    e. Letter endorsing continuing operations by Age-Friendly Half Moon Bay Coastside
  5. Regular Agenda – The Council may take action on the following items:
    a. (8:00) GCSD presentation of Burnham strip project. Presentation by Hope Atmore,
    GCSD Board President Nancy Marsh, Tom Conroy of Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group.
    Desired outcome: gather community and council feedback on project
    b. (9:15) Update on MCC Communications Policy Council discussion of proposed
    changes to existing MCC communications policy (Toutant)
    Desired Outcome: Advance current draft toward a future vote
  6. (9:50) Council Activity – Correspondence and meetings attended
  7. (10:00) Future Agendas (Tentative): CRISP, GGNRA, tree ordinance, stormwater
    Adjournment (10:15pm)