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PG&E | Public Safety Power Shutoff Exercise Wed., June 26 – Helicopter Patrols in SMC

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Next week Tuesday and Wednesday June25-26, PG&E will be conducting a Bay Area region-wide PSPS exercise as part of PG&E’s annual wildfire preparedness efforts. This will be just an exercise. However, there will be crews in the field as well as helicopter flights along certain circuits.

Again, this is just an exercise.

The helicopter flights are scheduled for most of the day Wednesday June 26.

PeninsulaHalf Moon Bay 1103Patrol area is along Highway 1 from Half Moon Bay to Pescadero, and East of Highway 1 to Portola Valley.
PeninsulaWoodside 1101Patrol area is throughout Portola Valley and in the surrounding areas around Highway 35 and Skyline Blvd.

PG&E will issue the following Interactive Voice Response calls to customers served by these circuits Monday June24.

“Hello, this is Pacific Gas and Electric Company calling to inform you that we will be in your area conducting patrols of electric towers and poles using helicopters. The patrols will take place this Wednesday, June 26th. You can expect to see and hear helicopters flying close to the power lines. They may hover in the same location for brief periods of time. While patrols are underway, you may also see PG&E and/or contractor trucks in the area. Pilots will follow all safety standards and federal regulations. If you have questions about this work, we encourage you to call PG&E 1-877-295-4949 or email [email protected].”

Jun 22, 2024 | Coastside